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Gemstone Meanings

Gemstone Meanings

Here's some basic gemstone meanings to get you started! :)


Amethyst Purify, Cleanse of Negativity, Relieve Stress, Promote Intuition

Aventurine (Colors Include Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Peach, Yellow) – Good Luck, Positive Energy, Cleanses of Negativity, Alleviate Anger

Black AgateStability and Grounding, Provide a Sense of Peace, Relieve Stress, Protect From Negative Energy

Banded Carnelian - Boost Confidence, Increase Creativity, Ease Tension, Stimulate Sexual Desire

CarnelianBoost Confidence, Increase Creativity, Ease Tension, Stimulate Sexual Desire

Clear QuartzAmplify Intentions/Energy, Expand Consciousness, Promote Open Communication, Eliminate Energy Blockages

Jasper (Colors Include Fancy, Grass, Green, Red) – Energizing, Purifying, Motivating, Increase Creativity, Grounding, Empowers the Spirit

Fluorite Peace, Focus, Concentration, Magnify Effects of Other Stones, Clear Your Mind

HematiteGrounding, Centering, Calming, Cleanse of Negativity, Enhance Confidence, Increase Strength

LabradoriteDeepen Spiritual Consciousness, Channel Psychic Abilities, Connect with the Spirit World

Lapis Lazuli“The Wisdom Keeper”, Spiritual Transformation, Boost Enlightenment, Truth, Awareness, Intuition

Moonstone Clear the Mind, Cleanse of Negativity, Connect with your Emotions, Balance Hormones

Obsidian Protection, Cleanse of Negativity, Grounding, Magnifies Healing Energies, Self-Realization

OpaliteSoothe Anxiety, Promote Inner Peace, Form Lasting Romantic Bonds (For Faithful Lovers)

Rose QuartzAttract/Support Unconditional Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Understanding

SeleniteCleansing, Promote Purity and Honesty, Ward Off Negative Energy, Cleanse Aura

Smoky QuartzGrounding, Neutralize Electromagnetic Stress, Amplify Energy of Other Stones, Release Negative Emotions

Snow QuartzFacilitate Mental Clarity, Balance Yin and Yang, Promote Patience/Discernment

Snowflake Obsidian Eliminate Negativity, Protection Against Psychic Attack, Decrease Stress/Tension

Sodalite Promote Intuition, Transform Negative Energy, Increase Peace/Tranquility, Creative Thinking

SunstoneWard Off Negativity, Boost Confidence, Heal From Past Hurt/Mistakes

Tiger’s EyeCourage, Motivation, Protection, Promote Optimism, Grounding, Overcome Obstacles