Welcome to LaLaSassafras!

I am a nurse and mother of three living in Upstate New York.  I started this business because I wanted to create products that were both safe for my family and yet still capable of creating a pleasant home environment.  Too often I found that safer items were just not as effective as the more popular - and less safe - products.

I also make handmade jewelry, and am excited to share these products with you! 

LaLaSassafras is actually the nickname of one of my children, made up by my husband in response to her sassy personality.  When I heard the name, I knew it would make the perfect name for the boutique-style store I wanted to create.

Thank you so much for visiting this site! While we do not have a physical location you can visit, we are always available for you online.  Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.  You can reach us at info@lalasassafras.com day or night.

-Mama Sass